Talent Award

Talent Name: SBYC Talend Award
Criteria: Awarded to a member or members who have exhibited “rare” talents at club events during the past year.

Originally this award was for performance at club talent nights.  More recently, recipients have been selected for their display of culinary or artistic talents.

The first talent night was held on February 23rd, 1991.  There were seven skits performed:

“Wheels of Misfortune,” a poem
“Boating Jeopardy,” – boating Q & A
“The Saliva Bay Boys,” – lip-syncing
“The Scuppers,” – songs
“A Sea Verse,” – I Must Go Down to the Sea Again by John Masefield
“Knot Me,” – skit on nautical knots
“The Last Surprise,” – skit

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Year Recipient Talent
1991 Art Renny Poem “Wheels of Misfortune”
1992 Susan Marshall Singing – “Spring Beach Delight,” a ditty about her island lovely with hips called Twirly and Girly played by commodore, George.  The award was presented for outstanding “honey Buns.”
1994 Bob Alexander Best act off the water “Tiny Tim.”
1995 Not awarded
1996 Irv Boichuk Lip Sync
1997 Wil & Tracey Der
1998 Don Butt
1999 Pat Allen & Dorothy Rigby
2007 Cathy McCaffrey & Kerry Sorrenti
2008 Kathy & Kerry; Larry & Sara Gordon
2009 Lynn Coleman – SV Hannibal Lip Sync of “Me and Bobby McGee”
2010 David Kellenberger – MV At Ease For his entertaining DJ work and production of videos of club cruises in 2007, 2008 & 2009
2011 Marilyn Cunningham – SV Peter Duck For her fantastic home cooking, baking, etc. for club potlucks, etc. on the SBYC club cruise to Puget Sound
2012 David Kellenberger “The Wolfman” – popular DJ at the annual Commodore’s Ball
2013 Shawn Titterton – MV Swanlinbar Exceptionally decorated Easter Eggs at SBYC Easter Cruise
2014 David Kellenberger – MV At Ease For entertaining the club with his numerous and talented DJ personas.
2015 Bob Wood – SV Sojourner  For his continued creative work with the Social Committee.