Nautical Terms Quiz – January, 2018 Answers

Question Answer
1. In nautical terms, what does ‘nun’ mean? Busy – It is used in navigation
2. In nautical terms, what is a sheep shank? A knot – there are dozens of knots used by sailors including the diamond and the reef.
3. How long is a league? 3 miles – There are 5280 yards in a league.
4. How deep is a fathom? 6 feet – There are 72 inches in a fathom.
5. What is the highest rank in the navy? Commodore – The admiral is the rank below commodore.
6. If the ship’s captain tells you to swab, he wants you to ____? Mop – A swab is made of old rope
7. In nautical terms, what is a scuttlebutt? Cask of drinking water – It became a slang term for gossip or rumours.
8. If a ship’s captain orders you to furl the sails, you would ____? Rail them to the yard arm – You would furl the sails during bad storms.
9. If a ship’s captain tells you to go aft, he wants you to ____? Go to the rear of the ship – The rear of the ship is the stern.
10. If water came into the hull, the captain might order his crew to ____? Bail – He would order coming about if the ship was going to turn.