Nautical Terms Quiz – November, 2018 Answers

Nautical Terms Quiz Answers – November, 2018
Question Answer
1. Which famous navigator suffered from motion sickness all his life? Nelson
2. What was the name of the boat on which Darwin traveled? Beagle
3. Who was awarded the Longitude Prize for being the first person to demonstrate a practical method for determining the longitude of a ship at sea? John Harrison
4. From what language did the word “Mayday” come from? French
5. Complete the proverb: “Mackerel scales and mares’ tails….” make tall ships carry low sails
6. Which animal is a sign of bad luck on a ship?  Rabbit
7. Which navigator discovered Hawaii in 1778? Cook
8. What is the “Davy Jones’s Locker?” A fictional place at the bottom of the Ocean
9. To date, what is the fastest time ever for a sailboat to go around the world non-stop? 50 days, 16 hrs, 20 min and 4 sec
10. How many sails would be up if a five masted ship was under full sail? 48