Fairlead Trophy

Name: Fairlead Trophy
Criteria: Awarded to the member who, in the past year, has given outstanding service and/or shown exceptional sportsmanship in the development and encouragement of safe yachting.

Normally, executive members are excluded from this award as service and sportsmanship are deemed part of an executive member’s obligation.  However, exceptions may be made in the case of service or sportsmanship “above and beyond the call of duty.” 

Dedicated and Donated By: Arne and Judy Bentzen
Last Amended: 24 Mar 2018


Any errors, omissions or updates to these data should be reported to the SBYC Historian (historian@silvabayyachtclub.com)


Year Recipient Citation Boat
1978  Jim Kavanagh  
1979 Roy MacDonald  
1980 Judy Bentzen Senior Sportsmanship & Service   
1981 Vivian Silva    
1982 Dave & Wendy Hobbs
1983 Fred (Chief) Funnel Silva Bay Resort   
1984 Dee & Rosanna Cowan   MV Trojan
1985 Jim Kavanagh    
1986 Hugh Brown    
1987 Roy Hales    
1988 Wendy Hobbs    
1989 No Recipient  
1990 Dorothy Rigby (Goriak)   NESIKA III 
1991 Jim Kavanagh    
1992 Larry Errington Free Life II 
1993 Wendy Hobbs  
1994 Diana Mumford  
1995 Sietse Visser For his dedication and service in the Junior Sailing Program  
1996 Sheila Snow
1997 Don Pearce    
1998 Lynn Coleman   SV Hannibal 
1999 Bill & Joan Fletcher    
2000 Joy Szalla  
2001 Bram Oudshoorn    
2002 Diane Visser    
2003 Edie Harrison    
2004 Lynn Coleman   SV Hannibal 
2005 Carol Withey     
2006 Don Spears Considerable time and talent in planning programs, website, and recruiting sponsors for reciprocal program.  
2007 Shirley Nicolson
2008 Marlene Loewen For her exceptional work over three years annually producing the Anchorline.   
2009 David Kellenberger  For his talented production of DVDs of three years of club cruises and his assistance on Anchorline.  MV Kelly’s Pride 
2010 Jerrie MacFarlane For six years acting as Secretary for the club and in appreciation for all her work over the years. SV OMGAUD 
2011 Wendy Geddes For all her work organizing club social events, before the SBYC had a Social Director.
2012 Sylvie Gendreau For leadership as Membership Chair and her success in attracting and maintaining sponsors for SBYC activities. MV Eveready
2013 Don Hutton & Paule Senechal Despite adverse personal circumstances exhibited exceptional “joie de vivre” and leadership by example through participation in club activities. MV Blue Moon
2014 Wanda Borley For service above and beyond the call of duty: Log Book, Anchorline, Website as well as Treasurer. SV Cul Na Sythe
2015 Darrel Haines MV Bela Vida
2016 Wanda Borley For continuing leadership and outstanding service, even after leaving the Executive.