Cruising Trophy

Name: Cruising Trophy
Criteria: Awarded to the member(s) who have displayed the greatest participation in Club Cruises during the past year (nominated by the Fleet Captain).

Trophy has engraving:  “Must Go Down To The Sea Again”

This trophy was repurposed in 2006.  Originally it was a “Poet’s Award.”  


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Last Amended: 24 Mar 2018


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Year Recipient Boat
1991 Ron Goriak – for reciting the poem “I Must Go Down to the Sea Again” at the first talent show.  Then taking the group to sea on a cruise and forgetting to come back in time for the potluck dinner. NESIKA III
1992 Dorothy Rigby (Goriak) – for composing a poem about the same cruise and was named an “aspiring poet laureate.” NESIKA III
2006 Russ & Elaine Pearce and Terry & Jerrie MacFarlane MV Serenity; OMYGAUD
2007 Russ & Elaine Pearce MV Serenity 
2008 Doug & Deb Cunnian and Larry & Sara Gordon SV Shadowfax; MV Cajun Queen 
2009 Russ & Elaine Pearce MV Serenity 
2010 Ted Johnson & Wendy Geddes  
2011 Russ & Elaine Pearce MV Serenity 
2012 Hans & Siggi Andrun & David Kellenberger MV Island Time; MV At Ease 
2013 Don Hutton & Paule Senechal MV Blue Moon
2014 Darrel & Gillian Haines MV Bela Vida 
2015 Christine Purfield & Leslie Welton MV Lizzie
2016 Mark & Brenda Halliwell – most cruises despite health issues. SV Dogstar