Marlin Spike Seamanship Award

Name: Marlinspike Seamanship Award
Criteria: Awarded to the skipper who has made an outstanding nautical passage (or passages) during the past year.

In 1979 the award was called “Sailing and Marlinspike (Jr Achievement)” and appears to have been repurposed in 1994.


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Year Recipient Citation Boat Name
1979 Alby Bentzen & John Dibley Jr. Junior Achievement
1980 Patricia Jones
1981 Peter Cellik  
1982 Christian Westarp Junior showing the best advancement in the junior sailing program
1983 Michelle Forsyth
1991 Ron Goriak Senior’s Cruise Nesika III
1992 Sharon Errington Free Life II
1994 Larry & Sharon Errington Outstanding passage – went South  Free Life II
1995 The Jones Family Valdiva, Chile Kuinga II
…. Missing or not awarded in 1996 -1998?
1999 Keith & Stella Smith
2000 Mike Richards & E.J. Hurst
2001 Rex & Irene Malthouse
2002 Oliver Woolcock Circumnavigation of Vancouver Island SV Hannibal
2003 Vic Dowling
2004 Gordon & Sharon Snell Puppeteer
2005 Chris Boulsbee & Marilyn Campbell SV Kingfisher
2006 Sharon & Greg Belisle Trip to Alaska Sapho
2007 Oliver Woolcock & Lynn Coleman SV Hannibal
2008 Bert & Rosanne terHart Circumnavigation of Vancouver Island SV Seaburban
2009 Frank & June Shoemaker Gabriola around the south end of Vancouver Island to Brooks Peninsula and back. MV Twoshoes
2010 Bert terHart Non-stop engineless passage to Victoria from mid-Hecate Strait despite catastrophic engine failure (broken crankshaft). SV Seaburban
2011 Jean-Michel Hanssens Impeccable planning (tides, currents, routes) for the Club Cruise to Puget Sound. SV Cipango
2012 Bert terHart 1) Haida Gwaii to Gabriola on an 18′ converted cat boat;
2) taught “The Practical Seamanship Series” – 5 days of onboard practical exercises and training covering anchoring, docking, man overboard, sail handling and weather for club members.  (Two sessions weekly – Wednesday and Thursday) during the month of May.
SV Ocarina /
SV Seaburban
2013 Mike Apps & John Taylor Two boats, three people over 70 from Gabriola around the south end of Vancouver Island to Point Estevan and back.   SV Sea Puppet /
MV Hagar III
2014 Michael Casling Represented SBYC in Swiftsure Race SV Griffon
2015 Mark Halliwell On a cruise to Ladysmith, Mark’s wife, Brenda was on the swim platform cleaning bumpers – she was wearing her inflatable PFD at the time.  She lost her balance, grabbed for the ladder which swung down and over she went.  Mark heard the ladder bang and a grunt from Brenda when he realized what happened.  The boat was turned around, Brenda rescued – no heroics, just a very routine man overboard drill, says Mark. SV Dog Star
2016 Alan Dennis Solo around Vancouver Island SV Griffin