Good Seamaritan Award

Name: SBYC  Seamaritan Award
Criteria: Awarded to the member(s) who have demonstrated a willingness to give assistance to other boaters in need (despite the circumstances).

This trophy has been repurposed.  “Gulf Islands Trophy” is engraved on the bowl.  In 1981 the trophy was called “Gulf Islands Star Class Championship.”  Donated by the English Bay Star Fleet it was presumably awarded to the winner of a Star Class Race, but the records are hard to find.

Dedicated and Donated By: English Bay Star Fleet
Last Amended: 24 Mar 2018


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Year Recipient Citation Boat
1982 Erik Bentzen Unknown Unknown
1983 Erik Bentzen Unknown Unknown
2011 Chris Boulsbee Kingfisher 
2012 Darrel Haines Aid and assist to MV At Ease – multiple instances of engine failure and operator meltdown. Bela Vida 
2013 David Kellenberger & Mark Titterton For doing the “dirty” jobs – helping to clean out a blocked head. At Ease /
2014 Ian & Paddy Waymark Aid and assisting MV At Ease – towing to Degnen Bay. Sailish C 
2015 Mark Titterton For helping several times on cleaning of the worst of others’ boats and being the uncomplaining recipient of Bela Vida’s ejecta. MV Swanlinbar
2016 Kent Moen & Jim Morton For rushing from the Sailpast line to assist a non-SBYC boat on fire. MV Sea Dawn and
SV Sea Esta