Off Course Compensator Award

Name: The Off Course Compensator Award
Criteria: Awarded to the member committing the greatest nautical faux pas of the year as determined by election by the membership, frequently accompanied by much good-natured laughter.


Donated By: Denis Maze and is also known as the Faux Pas Award
Last Amended: 24 Mar 2018


Any errors, omissions or updates to these data should be reported to the SBYC Historian (


Year Recipient Boat Faux Pas
1977  Al Cumberlidge ADA  
1978 Steve Cellik   Hit Newcastle Island during a race – but did he win the race?
1979 Hugh Brown    
1980 John Kenchenten    
1981 Henry Silva Silva Bay Jr Allowed his boat to sink to the bottom – not once but twice!
1982 Arne Bentzen    
1983 Andre Lemieux    
1984 Tom Ellis    
1985 Norm Jones    
1986 Jim Kavanagh    
1987 Brian Gates    
1988 Stu Wilson Hopscotch  
1989 Del Horn    
1990 Arnie Pollmer    
1991 Dave Hobbs Franklin  
1992 George Marshall WYNDARA  
1993 Joy Smith Rainshadow  
1994 Dona Wootton Onboard SV Hannibal  
1995 Oliver Woolcock SV Hannibal/tender Miscommunication between Mate and Skipper: outboard motor in the drink (retrieved by SCUBA and survived another ten years).
1996 Irv Boichuk    
1997 Mike Hoeinghouse & JudyPreston    
1998 Mike Hoeinghouse & Judy Preston    
1999 Chris Szalla & Joy Aquagem  
2000 Chris Szalla    
2001 Sietse Visser    
2002 Hans & Cora Klardie    
2003 Vic Dowling    
2005 Don Butt    
2006 Ralph Hagen MV Owikeno “Mayday” at last St. Patrick’s Day cruise.
2007 Ron Malcolm    
2009 Darrel Haines & Ian Waymark    
2010 Rick Schultz SV Ms Betty  
2011 David Kellenberger MV Kelly’s Pride Used CPS Training chart (clearly marked “Not for Navigational Purposes”) on club cruise, and had to call for help.
2012 Bob Wood SV Sojourner Hit Secret Cove channel marker: minot boat damage, major ego damage.
2013 Ian Waymark MV Salish C First try as skipper of new boat, ran into a wall of boathouse.
2014 Mike Apps SV Sea Puppet Downwind sail onto Danger Reef: minor damage to boat, but major embarrassment.
2015 Darrel Haines MV Bela Vida  For repeated brownouts: third instance of rapid ejection of waste from his black tank!
2016 Mike Apps SV Sea Puppet Incorrectly installed raw water pipe resulting in near sinking while on cruise to Garden Bay.